The Pimple

Trail Name: The Pimple
Distance: 1 km
Time: Under an hour
Difficulty: Hard
Cell Service: Yes
Trail: Flat packed gravel followed by very steep loose gravel to the top.
Highlight: Spectacular views of the Thompson Valley and Kamloops Lake

To get there: The Pimple is only about a 30 minute drive from Downtown Kamloops. Head out towards the Kamloops airport along Tranquille Rd. Continue past the airport and golf course. When the road forks, head right over the train tracks. Follow that road for another 1.5km past the hairpin turn. Just past the cattle guard, keep your eyes open for a pull off on your right. This is where you’ll park. Get directions directly to the parking lot here.

From the parking lot, follow the trail directly in front of you. You’ll see an information board farther along the trail in front of you. Continue down to the base of the hill. From here, the climb becomes quite steep. Beware of loose gravel and watch your footing! Follow any of the trails to the top and enjoy the views!

This trail is not suitable for everyone. The climb up the pimple is quite steep and full of loose gravel making the climb back down challenging. This trail is suitable for dogs, but beware of cactus in the area! However, the view from the top is amazing and well worth the climb it you’re up for it! Happy hiking!

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  1. I used the "to parking lot directions" and couldn’t find a parking lot. Passed a lot of cabins etc. how many Kilometeres past battle bluff turn off is it ? I really wanted to find the hike but couldn’t.

    1. Hi Shelby, sorry you had troubles with our directions! The pull out here is about 1.5 kms past the battle bluff turnoff. Its not so much a parking area as a pull off.

  2. Has anyone done Tranquille Ridge to the Pimple? I’m looking to make the hike to the Pimple a little longer but am having a heck of a time trying to find clear directions.

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