Dawson Falls

Trail Name: Dawson Falls
Distance: 1.35kms
Time: 30 mins
Difficulty: Easy
Cell Service: No
Trail Conditions: The trail is very easy and mostly flat.
Highlights: A large cascading waterfall on the Murtle River.

To get there: From Kamloops, take Hwy 5 North towards Clearwater. Continue straight along the highway for 120km. Once you reach the roundabout in Clearwater, take the third exit towards Clearwater Valley Rd. / Wells Grey Provincial Park. Follow this road for about 40km. Continue past the Dawson Falls bus parking, instead parking in the main Dawson Falls parking area on your right. See it on Google Maps here.

The trailhead is right at the beginning of the parking area. Follow the signs down the trail. The trail will weave out towards the road again at one point, but continue following it into the trees. The first viewpoint has some of the best views of the falls as it looks at them from afar. As you continue, you will come to some outhouses, this is where the tour buses drop off visitors. Continue following the trail a little bit further to the second viewpoint. This viewpoint is right at the brink of the falls.

Having visited this waterfall in the spring and in the fall, I must say I prefer it in the fall! You can really see the shape of the waterfall when there isn’t as much water rushing over it. It is truly spectacular! This trail is super easy, short and great for the whole family! Dogs are welcome in the park but are to be leashed. There are outhouses and picnic tables in the parking area for guest use. 

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