Can I hike with you?

Unfortunately, we don’t organize group hikes. If you’re looking to join a group hike, check out the Kamloops Hiking Club, Roam Kamloops, or Hiking around Kamloops.

Where can I hike with my dog?

Dogs are allowed on most trails in and around Kamloops. Off-leash dog parks include Kenna Cartwright Park, Peterson Creek Park, Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park, Valleyview Nature Park, and Aviation Way.

I’m afraid of dogs, where can I hike where there are no dogs?

Dogs are not allowed at Riverside Park or McArthur Island.

I don’t have a car, which trails are accessible by bus?

There are many trails that are accessible by public transit. Bus #9: Gleneagles will give you access to the Whiteshield Crescent entrance to Peterson Creek Park or Bus #6: Downtown will give you access to the Downtown entrance. Bus #5: Pineview will give you access to the Home Depot entrance to Kenna Cartwright Park. Bus #4: Pacific Way will give you access to West Highlands Park.

What are some easy trails to start with?

Our hikes are organized by difficulty – check out our list of easiest and easy trails.

Will I run into a rattlesnake?

We’ve been hiking around Kamloops for years and have never run into a rattlesnake on the trail.