Hanging Valley Snowshoe

Trail Name: Hanging Valley
Distance: 8.3 km
Time: 3 hrs
Difficulty: Easy
Cell Service: No
Trail: Stomped in single and double track
Highlight: Nice long snowshoe through a hanging valley

To get there: Lac du Bois lake is about a 30 minute drive from downtown Kamloops. To get there, head over to the North Shore, and through to Bachelor Heights. Follow Batchelor Hills Dr all the way through the residential area. This road turns into Lac Du Bois Rd at the cattle guard. Continue on Lac Du Bois Rd for about 11.5 kms. You’ll see Lac du Bois lake on your left and a parking pull out on the right. Park here. Or get the directions here.

Park in the pull out to the right near the sign if possible. From here, you’ll want to cross the road and head towards the orange gate. From here, you should be able to follow the stomped in path through the valley. The trail starts off through the trees, then you’ll hit a large open clearing. Shortly after you reach the trees on the far side of the clearing, you’ll come to the Lac du Bois park boundary, we continued a little bit further to a second clearing before the tracks ran out and we decided to turn back. This is a linear trail, so you’ll be heading back the same way you came!

This was an awesome trail! We usually prefer loops over linear trails, but this one is nice because you can turn back at any time. The park was great and we really enjoyed this snowshoe!

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  1. There is a different way back but a bit harder. When you get to the second (last) meadows, there was a bit of a trail to the left that gets you climbing up to the base of wheeler mountain (I’m not sure if anyone has snowshoe’d it). There when you reach the top, you will find an old road that will eventually take you back to the lake. Stay left on top when you reach the old double track road and follow it until you reach the other old road that comes out on the south side of Lac de Bois.

    1. Oooh, we did see snowmobile tracks heading up that way, but were unsure where they’d end up and how long it would take! Thanks for the info!

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  3. This is a nice trail because it’s wide enough for a kid carrier with skis .

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