Hull Hill Snowshoe

Trail Name: Hull Hill
Distance: 6.7 km
Time: 1.5 – 2.5 hrs
Difficulty: Easy
Trail: Stomped in
Highlights: Cool old cabin off to the side of the trail and some spectacular views! 

To get there: From downtown Kamloops, take Columbia street up the hill and through Sahali. Continue on Columbia Street onto the Trans-Canada highway heading west. Continue up the highway and take exit 366 for Copperhead Drive and Lac Le Jeune Rd. Turn left onto Copperhead Dr and follow the signs to Lac Le Jeune Rd. Turn right onto Lac Le Jeune Rd and continue on this road for about 15.5kms. Turn left onto Goose Lake Rd. Continue down this road for about 300 more meters until you see the gate on your right. Pull in here and park. Or get the directions here.

Park just within the gate, off to the side if possible. From here, continue up the road straight in front of you. There are a couple of turn off, but as long as you keep following the main track, you should be good! This trail is a linear track, so you can technically go for as long as you like! We’d definitely recommend going in at least as far as we did so that you can see the old cabin and the viewpoint! This trail, while no means difficult, has a bit more elevation gain than others we’ve posted.

We thoroughly enjoyed this trail! Not only is it free and dog friendly, but theres a nice view and a cool old cabin! We will have to come back again and see if we can make a loop out of it!

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  1. Hello 🙂 We did this snowshoe last weekend and the pullout is actually on the right (the directions state left)…. If it is the one in the picture above? We also did a linear track but rain into people that said there are about 4 loops to do from this trail! Awesome!

    1. Hi! Thanks for your message 🙂 I’ve updated the post so that it now says right. We’ll have to do some more exploring in the area to find these loops!

  2. Hi: Beautiful trail but we never got to any cabin or viewpoint….either we didn`t walk far enough (walked for just over an hour) or we took a wrong turn somewhere…. We might try again so suggestions how to find our way, let us know!

    1. Hi Sofi & Peter!
      The cabin is just under 2km in from the trailhead. It can be tough to spot through the trees too!
      From what I can remember, the trail head off straight from the parking area, and then veers off to the right around a bend, then gradually climbs. We stayed on the widest route and tried not to veer off onto any side trails. Maybe take a look at the first image in this gallery and see if you think you may have been following a different path? Let me know what you think!

  3. Just went out there on Valentines Day. Great stomped in trail. Highly recommend this one. Thanks guys!

  4. Hi there, great snowshoe in there today. So much snow!!! To find the cabin was an added bonus and fun for some pictures.
    Thank you for posting where to go and directions, I totally appreciate this web page. 😊

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