Jamieson Creek Falls

Trail Name: Jamieson Creek Falls
Distance: 800 m
Time: Under 30 mins
Difficulty: Easy
Cell Service: No
Trail Conditions: This trail is fairly easy and flat but there are a lot of roots and rocks to watch out for in the path. The bridge itself can be fairly rickety and lacks handrails. (Bridge has been updated since this post.)
Highlights: Beautiful waterfall!

To get there: From the North Shore, take 8th street all the way out to where it turns into Westsyde rd. Continue on Westsyde rd for about 20 kms before turning left on Jamieson Creek FSR (There’s a brown sign on the right side of Westdye rd just before the turn off). Continue up this road until just before the 13 km marker. Or see it on Google here.

Park in the pullout on the right, just before the 13 km marker. The trailhead is a few meters ahead on your left. The trail is fairly short and simple. Beware of all the tree roots on the trail as they are a tripping hazard. In about 400 meters, you will arrive at a bridge crossing the creek. To view the falls you must cross this but be careful as it is a little unstable and can be scary.

This trail is short and sweet with a cool bridge and a nice waterfall. In the spring, we can imagine the waterfall would be quite full and spectacular, however the trail in might be very wet. In summer, it’s a cool, refreshing spot to visit.  This trail would be suitable for most, with some caution placed on the bridge. Overall, this is a very cool spot and a must see in Kamloops!

It’s well worth the stop at Privato Winery and Woodward’s Cider for a tasting on your way out!

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  1. Thank you for all your great adventures! I am encourage to visit these places myself. Your blog entries are good way to start exploring Kamloops and nearby towns. Thank you for writing detailed entries of location and what to expect on site.

    I’ve been to upper flume trail and it’s amazing how much beauty is hidden there. I’ve tried to visit Jamieson falls this afternoon but got scared driving into the area of falling rocks. (Around km 5 mark) So I didn’t continue on. How’s the rest of the drive? I’m planning to venture out again, but maybe bring somebody with me next time.

    Thank you again! I’ll visit here often.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment!!
      Other than that one narrow section you’re talking about, the road is fairly good. If you’re worried about the traffic/logging I’d suggest visiting on the weekend!

  2. We were there recently and the bridge is really just two logs with a few planks across it. There were big gaps and it looked very unsafe. While the walk itself is easy and pretty, we were disappointed we could not see the falls after a 30 minute ride. Also getting down to the path is a bit tricky for people with mobility issues.

    1. I am sorry this was your experience! I had seen through some instagram photos that the bridge was out, but later saw that it had be repaired as best as could be. I will forsure update the trail conditions to mention the bit about mobility! Thanks for your feedback!

  3. The bridge has been replaced and is much safer and sturdier then before. My dog loved it and had a great swim.

  4. The road still says closed on the signs that sit at the entrance to Jamieson Creek Road, but we didn’t encounter any problems and you can continue on to the trail. They’ve done road work in the area, so the pullout looks a little different and we ended up parking on the other side of the road, but the trail entrance is still at marker #13. Enjoy!

  5. Can you swim in the falls?.

    1. oh probably.

  6. Wondering if there is an update on the accessibility of this trail. I tried to do it in June 2017 (I think) and it was closed due to a road washout. Can anyone tell me if it is open again? August 2019 (I assume it is cause you’ve updated this with woodwards) but I thought I’d check before heading out!

    1. Hi Courtney, we were out there earlier this spring and had no issues with the road 🙂

  7. May 2020 Update: The bridge to get to the falls has a large crack in the centre supports and as the rapids are quite high at this point, be very cautious! We decided not to continue on our trek and thus did not see the falls.

  8. My daughter and I went to Jamieson Falls thanks to your suggestion. It was amazing. The hike was easy to the falls. Your directions were perfect. The falls are stunning. Quiet, peaceful but COLD. My daughter went in and did not last long. Thank you for the suggestion.

  9. The bridge over the creek right before the falls is broken in the middle, sketchy crossing. Falls are beautiful though!

    1. Made it today no issue. They are fixing the bridge

  10. I was there on September 2nd. The fairly new bridge is already broken and very sketchy looking as you approach it. Upon closer inspection though, one can see that the broken beam has been reinforced with bolts. On this day, there was also a missing foot panel right at that break in the beam, which made those first couple of steps a little un-nerving, but it felt totally safe. Maybe a good idea to only load the bridge with one person at a time though. The falls are a nice place to be on a hot summer’s day!

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