Moul Falls

Trail Name: Moul Falls
Distance: 6 km
Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Medium
Cell Service: No
Trail Conditions: Half of the trail is an old road, so fairly flat and wide. A quarter is a single track through the forest towards the falls. And the final section is quite steep and slippery down the side towards the waterfall.
Highlights: 3rd highest waterfall in Wells Grey Provincial Park, and the only one that you can walk behind.

To get there: From Kamloops, take Hwy 5 North towards Clearwater. Continue straight along the highway for 120km. Once you reach the roundabout in Clearwater, take the third exit towards Clearwater Valley Rd. / Wells Grey Provincial Park. Follow this road for about 20km. The trailhead parking lot will be on your left and is very well signed and hard to miss. See it on Google Maps here.

The trailhead is to the right of the parking lot. You’ll pass through a gate, and make sure to close it as there are lots of cows in the area! The trail is linear, so you will be returning this same way. The trail starts off pretty flat and wide for the first 2kms. At the 2km mark, you will see a sign pointing you in the right direction to Moul Falls. From here, the trail becomes narrower and an increasing decline down towards the falls. Once you reach the viewing platform above the falls, follow the trails to the left to head to the bottom of the falls. Here the trail becomes more slick and steep, so be careful. Once at the bottom, you get a magnificent view of Moul Falls!

We believe this is a late summer hike as even now, the water coming over that ledge are incredible and we can’t image the surge of water that must barrel of the falls in the spring. That being said, during late summer this hike could be for everyone, as long as you take your time and be careful. Feel free to bring your bathing suit during the hot summer as this waterfall is a perfect place to cool off! And be sure to pack water with you as the hike out can be quite hot.

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  1. Hi, HK! This trail looks amazing! I can only imagine how beautiful nature is. I hope more hikers will be inspired to go on this hike because it`s worth it for sure. I was wondering, is this trail popular enough among hikers?

    1. Hi Nigel,
      I believe this trails gets pretty popular in the summer with all the tourists passing through the park. The fact that you can walk right up to the falls is unlike any of the other popular falls in the park and a truly unique experience!

  2. I noticed in the summary that the Cel Service rating was “unknown”. I did this hike just last weekend and there definitely was no cel service on my Telus phone.

    1. Thanks for the update Gary! Sometime we forget to check while we’re out 🙂 We’ll update the blog per your info. Thanks!

  3. I have done this hike for 3 times. One of my favorite places in wells grey 🙂 keep guiding us about trails. Thanks

  4. Could a 5 year old kiddo do this?

    1. Hello

      Today on 11th April 2021, my 5 years old son has done it. But it may not be easy for all kids. For example my 9 years old was also with us and he started complaining a lot. We are bringing them up in a rough way. So it is your call

  5. Would you recommend for young children?

    1. Hi Elise,

      Without knowing your children’s abilities or ages, it’s tough to say. The trail is fairly straight-forward for the first portion and could probably be done by children.. The stairs down to the waterfall and the rocks at the bottom can be quite slippery and may not be as suitable for kids. Totally your call.

  6. Hello
    I’m french and I would like to do it next year with my parents.
    Is it really dangerous or not ?
    On your website, I read that for you this trail is about 6km (Parking/Falls/Parking ?) and 1hour for all or just to go until the falls ?
    Because on other webiste and users of this trail, I read 5.5km for about 2h or 2h30.
    I need an average to plan my trip and enough time to do it so what is your advises ?
    Kind Regards

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