Panorama Trail Snowshoe

Trail Name: Panorama Trail
Distance: 2.4 kms
Time: 1.25 hr
Difficulty: Medium
Cell Service: Yes
Trail: Double and single track through the sage brush
Highlight: A gorgeous panorama view of Kamloops!

To get there: From downtown, take Columbia Street heading west. Turn right onto McGill Road. Follow McGill road past the Tournament Capital Centre, and continue all the way down McGill before turning left onto Bunker Road. Follow this road past the data centre on your right and follow the signs to the recycling area. Turn right into the recycling area.  The parking area for Kenna Cartwright Park is located straight through the centre of the recycling bins. Or get directions from Google Maps here.

Park near the Kenna Cartwright sign.  Follow the trail up and through the gate on your right. Continue straight before veering left onto the Sage Trail. You’ll come to a number of smaller intersections on the trail. Continue following the Sage Trail until you reach the intersection of the TRU Connector, the Sage Trail, and the Panorama Trail. Continue straight through the intersection onto the Panorama Trail. You’ll know you’ve arrived at the end when you reach the red and white stripped pole.

This trail was fantastic in the fresh snowfall! It was a little difficult to navigate in the fresh snow and drifts that had accumulated, but we managed to find our way by following the trail markers.  It helped that we knew the trail from having done it in the summer. We set the trail, however with the wind and snow drifts, who knows how long our trail will last. We would NOT recommend doing this trail on a windy day as the trail is completely exposed and would be brutally cold at the viewpoint. Kenna Cartwright Park is an off leash dog park, so feel free to bring your dogs!

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  1. Hi folks, tried sage brush this morning.
    Any willing to try it, make sure you have yak tracks. The slope was an extreme ice rink.

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