Pineview Valley Trail

Trail Name: Pineview Valley Trail
Distance: 1.8 kms
Time: 30 mins
Difficulty: Easy
Cell Service: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes, on-leash
Trail: Single track through residential green space.
Highlight: A lovely municipal loop trail through hidden residential green space.

To get there: From downtown, take Columbia Street W and follow the ramp onto BC-1. Continue 3.5km and take exit 336 for Copperhead Dr. At the lights, turn left onto Copperhead Dr and follow it for 1km. At the intersection, turn right onto Hugh Allan Dr. Parallel park along the street here. Or get directions from Google Maps here.

The trail starts off in the lovely Pineview Valley Park. We started at the pond, following the steps down and around to the right. From there, we crossed over the bridge and followed the well worn trail. As you follow the trail, you will come upon Lodgepole Dr. Simply cross the road and take up the trail on the other side. Next, you’ll come across the quaint Python Lake, where you can choose to loop around the far side of the lake, or stick close to the residential side like we did. From here, the trail loops back around towards Lodgepole Drive again. Cross Lodgepole Dr and through the greenspace until you reach the Pineview Valley Park again.

This trail is perfect for a lovely afternoon stroll! We hadn’t expected this trail to be quite so nice considering it’s nestled between such a large residential development. This trail would be perfect for families as it’s a great length, easy, and has the park and playground at the beginning of the trailhead. Dogs are also welcome on leash.

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