Sunset Trail

Trail Name: Sunset Trail
Distance: 4.77km
Time: 1.5 hrs
Difficulty: Easy
Cell Service: Yes
Trail Conditions: The path alters between single track and double track packed dirt. 
Highlights: Views from the top, especially at sunset!

To get there: From downtown, follow Columbia Street west onto the TransCanada Highway heading west. In 3.2km take exit 366 and keep right onto Copperhead Rd. Continue 100m and then turn left onto Hillside Dr. The parking lot is well signed and will be on your right in 400m. Or see it on Google here.

There’s a large parking area that is well signed and difficult to miss. There’s also an outhouse and a tap if you need to fill up on water before heading out. The trailhead is straight off from the parking area and leads up a short hill into the park. Be sure to keep left when you reach the first T in the trail. From here, there will be a few forks in the trail. For the most part, you’ll get where you want to go by sticking to the left. The only exception is when you approach the fence line at the correctional facility, you should keep right. However, even if you miss this turn, the trail will still join up with the same path further ahead. The actual Sunset Trail doesn’t show up until close to the end of the hike. You’ll actually start on Prickly Pear Cactus trail, then the Power Line trail and the Ponderosa trail and eventually you’ll see the sign for Sunset Trail, always keeping to your left. Once on the Sunset Trail, you’ll hike up a few short yet slightly steep sections of trail before arriving at the top. 

Although there are many other trails in the park, we do this one as a linear trail, so you will return to the parking lot along the same paths.

This trail is great! This trail is longer than the Tower Trail but not nearly as steadily steep! Kenna Cartwright is also a off-leash dog friendly park, so bring your dogs! In the summer, be sure to bring some water as well as this trail is almost completely exposed. Luckily, that means there are fantastic, unobstructed views of Kamloops Lake and our gorgeous Kamloops sunsets! At the top, you’ll also find a lookout platform as well as a picnic table and bench. For the best sunset views, be sure to bring a headlamp for the hike back down!

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  1. Last time I tried to do this hike it was blocked off due to the pipeline work. Do you know if there Is an alternative way to get to the end or this trail?

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