Top 10 Hikes of 2018

Another year has come to an end. Did you tackle all the hikes you wanted to? Are you looking for new ones for 2019? Here is our list of most popular hikes of 2018. How many did you check out this year?

Battle Bluff

Battle Bluff is a Kamloops must-hike. We like to joke that you can’t consider yourself a true Kamloopsian until you’ve conquered Battle Bluff. It’s essentially a rite of passage. Our most popular blog post of 2018.

Isobel Lake

Isobel Lake officially reopened as a fully accessible trail in 2018. Now everyone, including those with limited mobility can now enjoy the gorgeous Isobel Lake Loop. It’s great in the winter too!

Whitecroft Falls

Whitecroft falls is a wonderful little waterfall on the way to Sun Peaks Resort. A short hike in takes you to this quaint little waterfall which is a perfect pit stop during your drive!

Balancing Rock

A unique local rock formation overlooking Kamloops lake, the Balancing Rock is quite the sight to see! Only a short hike from the highway.

Albas Falls

Although a bit of a day trip from Kamloops, Albas Falls Provincial Park is a hidden gem! Well worth a trip if you haven’t been.

McDiarmid Falls

Most people have heard of Moul Falls in Wells Gray, but did you know that McDiarmid Falls is only a short hike away? This relatively unknown waterfall is gorgeous and a bit more of a challenge, but well worth the side trip.

Tranquille River

One of our favourite fall hikes, Tranquille River is a gem any time of the year. This easy hike is perfect for the whole family!

Moul Falls

Moul Falls is a must visit in Wells Gray for anyone who enjoys hiking and waterfalls! A 5 km round trip and a waterfall you can explore and walk behind. A definite must visit in 2019 if you haven’t been!

Gibraltar Rock

A great hike with a great view! A nice steep climb with a view overlooking Paul Lake.

Silvertip Falls

Another great one from Wells Gray, Silvertip falls is another one of our favourites. We love that you can get up close and personal with the falls! This trail is best done in the early fall when the mosquitos are gone.

How many of these hikes did you tackle in 2018? What ones are you hoping to tackle in 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. These all hikes you mentioned are really awesome for the adventure.

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