Trails Available during Wildfire City Park Closures

Many of our favourite city parks in Kamloops are closed due to extreme fire danger and the associated risks. For a list of these closures, please see here and here.

While these closures are for the best, you might be wondering: where are we supposed to hike until these trails open up again? Luckily for you, we’ve created a list of trails in our area that are still open (as of right now) to the public and great for hiking! As always, please respect the areas, leave no trace, and be especially careful in the dry grass! Now onto the list of open trails for you to explore!

McConnell Lake Loop
McConnell Lake Loop is a perfect trail right close to town that is usually cooler than any hikes you’d do in town. It loops around the lake, is about 3.7kms and takes about 1.5hrs to complete.

Stake Lake Loop
Another great loop that is a little shorter, but equally close to town is the Stake Lake Loop.  It’s about 2.5kms and takes about 40 mins. This loop is easier than McConnell, but offers spectacular views as well.

McArthur Island Loop
This paved trail is great for everyone – except dogs. It winds around McArthur Island and even features some outside gym equipment if you’re feeling up for it! The trail is 2.3-3.1km depending on the loop you take and takes 1-2hrs to complete.

Ridge Trail
A trail located in Kamloops that borders Peterson Creek Park, this trail is hot! It follows alongside the highway until you reach Peterson Creek. Try to do this one in the morning or evening as it gets way too hot to do in the full day sun. The trails is 4.3km and have 1-2 hours.

Riverside Park
A city park that has not closed is Riverside Park. This park also features a lovely trail that follows the river upstream to Pioneer Park. This trail is paved and perfect for everyone! It also has some of the best views of the Thompson Rivers in town! Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted in Riverside Park.  It’s 2.8kms and takes under 1 hr to complete.  

Oakhills Trail
Another great spot out in in Westsyde, this trail starts in the Westsyde Centennial Park. It also follows the river quite a ways and is another super easy trail here in Kamloops. The hike is about 3.75kms and takes under 1 hr to complete.

Gibraltar Rock
This is another Kamloops favourite! This trail starts in Paul Lake Provincial Park in the day use area. Follow the trail up to the top of Gibraltar Rock for the best views of Paul Lake! This hike is among our favourites because after the hot hike, you can always stop for a dip in the lake before heading home! The hike is about 3.7km and takes about 1.5 hrs.

Albas Falls
Although maybe not necessarily in our area, this hike is SPECTACULAR. Albas falls is located on the Shuswap Lake at Seymour Arm in Albas Provincial Park. This trail winds alongside five stunning waterfalls! The trail is about 4.7kms and takes about 1.5hrs to complete.

Upper Flume Trail
This trail is another our of our favourites out at the Shuswap. The trail is gorgeous and follows along side the creek. There is also the Lower Flume trail in the area if you’re feeling up to both hikes! This trail is about 4.3kms and takes about 1-2hrs to complete.

Lower Flume Trail
In the same area as the Upper Flume Trail is the lower one. This trail follows the creek downstream to the Adams river. Although we prefer the Upper trail, this one is nice if you’ve never done it! It is about 5.1kms and takes 1-2 hrs.

Whitecroft Falls
This waterfall is situated in the small community of Whitecroft on your way to Sun Peaks. This waterfall is super cute and well worth the pitstop! The hike itself is only about 1.45km and takes about 30 minutes.

Savona Caves
This trail is significantly more difficult than previously mentioned hikes. The hike is steep and on loose gravel. If you’re up for it, this trail brings you to some pretty cool caves. The views looking out from the caves are impressive, to say the least. The hike is about 4.2kms and takes about 2hrs.

Embleton Mountain
Another fantastic set of trails, Embleton Mountain is located on your way to Sun Peaks. This trail is actually part of a larger trail network, but this one takes you to the best views at the top! This trail is about 9kms and takes about 2-3 hours.

We’ll try to keep this as up to date as possible! Let us know if you catch an area closing before we do!

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