Xget’tem’ Trail

Trail Name: Xget’tem’ Trail 
Distance: 1.7 kms (one-way)
Time: 25 mins (one-way)
Difficulty: Easy 
Cell Service: Yes
Dog friendly: Yes
Trail: Wide, paved multi-use path
Highlight: A great path connecting Sahali and the Downtown Core.

To get there: There are two access points for this trail. We accessed the trail at the corner of Summit Drive and Notre Dame. There is no designated trail parking at this end, but you can catch Kamloops Transit buses #9 or #4 and get off at the Summit at Notre Dame stop or walk or bike from nearby neighbourhoods. You can also access the trail from the bottom entrance to Peterson Creek Nature Park – find directions here.

From the intersection of Summit Drive and Notre Dame, follow the wide paved path as it winds between Sahali Secondary School and the highway. Follow it down the gradual slope towards the bottom of Peterson Creek. 

The name Xget’tem’ means “deep valley” in Secwepemc and pays tribute to the area’s historical ties to the Shuswap people. Learn how to pronounce the new trail name here.

Although this trail is a significant climb, it is suitable for all ages with a relatively gradual slope (less than the Tower Trail in Kenna!) and features numerous benches and rest stops along the way. Take your time and enjoy the climb. The LED lighting makes it perfect for early morning or late evening strolls or commuting back and forth for work, especially when the days become shorter. This multi-use path is also shared with speed limited bikes. We have just learned that Peterson Creek Park is classified as an off-leash dog park, however, people will be required to have their dogs on-leash and under control while on the multi-use pathway to ensure the safety of all pathway users.

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  1. I don’t know that you should lable this trail as easy. Maybe have “training trail” or something…. it’s definitely a steep incline and you need to be in shape for it …sure it’s paved and you don’t need a safety pack but don’t go on this trail bright eyed and bushy tailed thinking it’s quick and easy

    1. Hi Ashley, thanks for your feedback! At this point, I’m going to leave the trail marked as easy, simply because I have a feeling that the city will mark is as a green trail (Easy) within Peterson Creek Park. (If the Tower Trail in Kenna, which I believe is steeper, not paved, and doesn’t provide any opportunities to sit down and rest is marked as Easy, then I have a feeling this trail will be too). If you are looking for even easier trails, please check out the Easiest trail dropdown under Difficulty on our blog 🙂 I will update some of the wording for this trail however to give visitors a better idea of what to expect. Thank you!

  2. thanks for posting the link to how to pronounce the name!

  3. Hello is this trail a loop or does it only come out downtown?

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