Bailey’s Chute, Marcus & Myanth Falls

Trail Name: Bailey’s Chute, Marcus & Myanth Falls
Distance: 6 kms
Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Medium (Trail in to Bailey’s Chute is Easy!)
Cell Service: No (Print this off beforehand if you go!)
Trail: Single track trail through the forest to three different water features and viewing platforms
Highlights: This relatively short hike takes you to see three different waterfalls and is a wonderful hike through the forest!

To get there: This hike is located north of Clearwater in Wells Grey Provincial Park. Take the Yellowhead Hwy (5) about 120km north from Kamloops.  When you arrive at the roundabout in Clearwater, take the 3rd exit to head North on Clearwater Valley Rd.  You’ll want to follow this road for about 56kms. At around the 32Km mark, you will pass Helmcken falls and continue onto a fairly well maintained dirt road. Keep an eye out for signs for Bailey’s Chute. Parking will be on your right. Get directions from Google Maps here.

Follow the signs in the parking lot that direct you across the road, through a day use area and onto the trail. The hike into Bailey’s Chute is quick and easy on a wide flat trail. The walk to Bailey’s is around 1km long and takes about 10 minutes.Here the power of the Clearwater River is evidenced as the river squeezes through. To fully appreciate the power, the best time to see Bailey’s Chute is during the spring runoff. Another great time to check it out is during the salmon run when Chinook salmon can be seen attempting to jump up the falls. If you’re looking for a quick and easy hike, the trail into Bailey’s Chute is perfect! You don’t have to continue on the rest of the trail if you’re not up for it! The trail in to Bailey’s Chute takes about 10 minutes.

From Bailey’s Chute, we decided to follow the West Lake Loop trail (keep left at the fork in the trail) to check out Marcus and Myanth Falls. Marcus falls only another 20 minutes in and is another stunning waterfall with viewing platform. Continue down the trail following signs for Marcus and Myanth Falls. If you’re already checking out Bailey’s Chute and are up for the walk, definitely check them out!

The last waterfalls on this loop is Myanth Falls. It is another 30 mins up the trail from Marcus. We thought it was the least impressive of the waterfalls, but are glad we checked it out anyways. The viewing platform for this one is right at the top of the short falls.

From Myanth falls, the trail loops back through the forest and passes West lake. We found the mosquitos got worse as we approached the lake. The loop back climbs up and down considerably more than the first half and doesn’t offer much for views.

If we were to do it again, we’d stick to the river side of the loop and make it a linear trail to Myanth and back. We thought this trail was fantastic in that it offered us a chance to stretch out our legs and check out some of the lesser seen waterfalls in the Park. Make sure you bring your camera, BUG SPRAY, and sun screen! You can also bring your dog, but they must be on leas.  Be mindful of the wildlife in the area. There is also a day use picnic area near the trailhead if you need a snack or a place for lunch. Enjoy your day in Wells Gray!

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  1. As a person wanting to find the spots to hike easily to see what is available, I would like the help of a map with dots to show where each one is and see how close it is. So I can find one close when time is short or plan to go to the others .. Today I’m wanting to hike but would take hours to go through all the listings, and it’s 1:30 pm already.
    Thanks ,

    1. Hi Janine! Please take a look at our Map page 🙂 Located in the top navigation. It has a google map with each and every hike on it! It’s even colour coded so you can search by the difficulty of hike you wish to do! Thanks for your feedback!

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