Deep Lake Extended Loop

Trail Name: Deep Lake Extended Loop
Distance: 6.9 kms
Time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Medium
Cell Service: No
Trail: Single track through the trees and open fields
Highlight: Nice longer loop, through trees and to the lake

To get there: The Deep Lake trailhead is only a 20 minute drive from Downtown Kamloops. Head north on the Yellowhead Hwy and turn left on Halston Ave. Continue 2.7kms and turn right onto Westsyde Rd. Keep to the right and continue down Westsyde Rd for 7.7kms before turning left onto Ida Lane. The trailhead for the Deep Lake Loop is at the base of the Rockcliffe community. Or get directions from Google here.

**This trail does not follow the signed Deep Lake Loop which only goes to the lake and back, instead this trail goes around the small hill to the right of the lake and comes up around the backside of Deep Lake.**

Park in the pullout area at the base of the Rockcliffe community. You should see the sign board indicating the trail head. Follow the path to the left of the board. Continue up past the housing development, walking along the road, to the black gate (This used to be the start of the hike, but resulted in conflict with the Rockcliff Strata, the rightful owners of this entrance). From here, follow the well worn path. As the path starts to weave around to your right, you should see a sign post and a partly broken sign, follow this up a small ravine. Continue on this path until you cross cross a cattle guard. Shortly after, you will see the dirt trail climb up the hill. Don’t go up this hill! Instead, keep your eyes open for a trail heading off to the right (a couple hundred meters from the cattle guard).

Take this trail and follow it through the trees. Continue following this trails for about 2.5 kms and you should arrive at the meadow. As you continue along the trail, it winds around to the until you reach Deep Lake from the back! Once you reach the lake, you’ll be able to see the trail heading up the slope at the far side. You can hike along either shoreline to get across.  Just up the slope on the far side of the lake, you’ll arrive at a junction.  Veering left will rejoin you to the trail that  goes back to the cattle guard you crossed earlier.  We continued straight, which takes a slightly different loop back past the water reservoir, eventually leading back to the parking area.

This trail is a great longer loop in our area. It is especially nice in the spring when the balsam root flowers are in bloom. Think about bringing a lunch or snack to enjoy lakeside as well as lots of sunscreen and water on those hot Kamloops summer days. With the exception of one section through the trees, the majority of this hike is in the open.  The hike is dog friendly, just make sure you bring some water for them too.

**CAUTION: Cougars have been spotted in the area in the past. Please be cautious, hike in groups, and know what to do if you encounter one!**

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  1. I am currently a first year environmental science student at TRU and have been looking for new hikes in town. Today I did this hike with my mom and roommate and it was so nice!

    I was leading and for a while thought we were on the wrong trail, then it started to hail, but eventually we came to the lake!

    We saw lots of balsam root flowers, sage buttercups, shooting stars, many other wildflowers I couldn’t yet identify, a bunch of Clark’s Nutcrackers, a few red-tailed hawks, and a few deer legs.

    Your site is awesome and I’m glad I stumbled upon it yesterday. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great hike, but be careful about letting your dog swim in Deep Lake! My poor guy got a bad case of duck itch.

  3. Looks like a lovely hike … does anyone know if the pipeline activity impacts this hike?

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