Ridge Trail

Trail Name: Ridge Trail
Distance: 4.3 km
Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Medium
Cell Service: Yes
Trail: Single track trail of loose sand and gravel.
Highlights: A nice trail hidden away in the middle of town that offers some pretty unique views of the city.

As this trail is linear, there are two starting points to the trail, a high point and a low point. If you prefer to hike up a hill and then back down the trail, park on Pine Crescent. If you prefer hiking down a slope first and then trudging back up, park at the downtown Peterson Creek Park entrance.

To get there: Starting downtown, head East on Columbia street until 13th Ave. Turn right up 13th and drive about 200m. Turn left on Pine Crescent and continue about 400m until you reach Cloverleaf Crescent. Park anywhere on here on Pine Crescent. Get directions from Google here.

Park anywhere on Pine Crescent near Cloverleaf Crescent. Walk up Cloverleaf Crescent and the trailhead is directly in front of you, and should be easy to follow. It is quite well worn and there are a few forks along the way, but they all merge back to the main path. You’ll notice a lot of exit and entrance points along the path where hikers can start or end the hike. (If starting the hike at the Peterson Creek parking lot, stick the the trail that leads up the hill immediately to your left while facing the signs in the parking lot.)

This trail should be doable by people of all ages. There is very little shade, so make sure to pack a lot of water and sunscreen and consider doing this trail in the morning or late afternoon! This urban trail is a noisy hike, as it follows alongside the highway but it offers some unique views of Kamloops. While most of the trail would be considered easy, there are a few fairly steep sections, but they are all very short. The majority of the trail is a gradual slope. The trail is suitable for dogs. Although, if your dog is not easily controlled, a leash is recommended.

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