Where to Snowshoe in Kamloops?

To start 2020 off right, we decided to provide some ideas for snowshoeing in and around Kamloops. So, we created a list to get you started! We’ve included both free snowshoe trails and a few that charge a small fee. We will also be documenting some specific trails this winter as we do some exploring of our own to help you out even more!

Paid Snowshoe trails

  • Stake Lake Snowshoe trails
    • For $5 a day, you get access to a wide array of snowshoe trails of different lengths and difficulties. This would be our first choice for a paid snowshoe excursion, especially because its so close to town!
  • SunPeaks Snowshoe trails
    • For $5 a day, you get to explore Sun Peaks snowshoe trails
  • Harper Mountain Snowshoe trails
    • For $10 a day, you gain access to a few trails for to explore. In addition, you can take the chair lift up to the top of the mountain and snowshoe down.
  • Highland Valley Outdoor Association Snowshoe trails
    • For 4$ a day you get access to their new snowshoe trails. We just learned about these guys and have yet to check them out.
  • Skmana Lake Snowshoe trails
    • For 10$ a day per person, you get access to this snowshoe trail network just outside of Chase. The trail network is unmanned so they request you leave your money in the yellow bullet next to the trail sign at the beginning of the trails. We also just learned about these guys and will have to check them out!

Free Public Parks

  • Kenna Cartwright
    • Kenna is a great park for snowshoeing! Tons of trails, some climbs, nice snow and great views!
  • Peterson Creek
    • Lots of trails, lots of climbing, and couple of waterfalls to check out.
  • Dallas-Barhartvale Nature Park / Blackwell Trails
    • This park is lovely to snowshoe. There are no tree, so it might get windy or bright if the sun comes out.
  • Lac du Bois Area
    • Lots of trails out this way. Not too many are marked, but you’re sure to find a trail stomped in already. (We will be highlighting some of these over the winter)
  • Lac le Jeune Area

Specific Trails

Specific trails can also be found on the sidebar under Other Snowshoe Routes!

Grasslands Loop Snowshoe

Another great trail for beginners, this short loop is located right in town in the Peterson Creek Park. This trail offers some of the best city views!

Benchlands – Ranger Bob Snowshoe

A great trail located in the Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park! This trail meanders through the forest, and then ends up overlooking the Dallas neighbourhood and features gorgeous city views!

Rim Loop

A great trail for the whole family, this short loop is located in town and offers some great views of our city! Definitely worth checking out. Best done on non windy days as there isn’t much cover available.

Panorama Trail

A gorgeous local viewpoint, this trail is spectacular year round! Just don’t go when it’s windy!! Keep your eyes open for the orange and white striped pole with is your end point.

McConnell Lake Loop

Another great loop. This trail extremely popular among locals and visitors, especially on weekends. The trail can become treacherous in the spring once the snow starts to melt and turn to ice. Be careful!

Isobel Lake

Great loop around the lake, fairly well used and stomped in, but beautiful none the less. Be prepared to get stuck! Every time we’ve gone, we end up getting stuck.

Bush Lake North Loop

AMAZING trail, free, and not too busy. Make sure you check this one our for sure! Park in the pullout before McConnell Lake, the trailhead to the Bush Lake area is on the far side of Lac le Jeune rd.

Bush Lake Super South Loop

Another great loop through the forest! There are so many trails in this area, it is tough to follow a specific one. Have fun and explore!

Dogwood Marshes 

Across the road from Bush Lake trails is even more trails. (Same side as the parking!) A great area with a vast array of trails, build your own adventure!

Hanging Valley 

Great linear hike of variable length in the Lac du Bois area! Another great one!

Timber Tower & Loop

Great snowshoe loop with a lookout from the tower! Bit more of a slope compared to the previous two. Also, make sure you have 4 wheel drive to get there! We got stuck, don’t make the same mistake!

Gibraltar Rock II

A long steep workout, but well worth the views on a clear day! A great time any time of year.

Hull Hill

Nice trail on double tracks through the forest! Keep an eye out for the old homestead while out exploring this area!

Tower Classic Snowshoe

This trail is located above Batchelor Heights. A popular area for mountain biking in the summer, these trails offer something different in the winter for snowshoeing!

And more coming soon!

Where to Rent Snowshoes

  • Runner’s Sole Kamloops
    • Rents adult and child snowshoes and includes poles at no extra cost! There are options for half day, full day, two day and weekly and range in price from $10 for a half day to $60 for a full week. Make sure you call ahead for availability.
  • Spoke N’ Motion
    • Offers snowshoe rentals for $25 a day. Give them a call for more information or to reserve your rental.
  • Overlander Ski Club
    • Rents snowshoes for the day for $10. This does not include access to the Stake Lake trails which is another $5 for adults.
  • Harper Mountain
    • Offers snowshoe and pole rentals for adults and children. Prices range from $12-$15 for a full day. This does not include access to the Harper Mountain trails which is another $10 for just trail access or $20 for 1 upload on the chairlift.
  • Sun Peaks Resort
    • Offers snowshoe and pole rentals for adults and children. Prices range from $15-$20 for a full day. This price does include access to the Sun Peaks snowshoe trails. If you have your own snowshoes, trail access is $5. Sun Peaks also offers a variety of snowshoe tour options as well.

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  1. What about the Highland Valley Outdoors Association trails in Logan Lake? The HVOA has worked hard to add snowshoe trails to the ski trails the last few years. They charge $4 a day. It would be worth checking out so, you can review them.

    1. Hey Tina! Thanks for the info! We were not even aware of them! We will definitely try to check them out!

    2. We walked all over these trails in October. They are terrific. Well done HVOA!

  2. Great info! We also have a great facility near Chase. Skmana Lake. Ski_skmana.com

    1. Hi Debi! Thanks for this info! We’ve added it with the rest above!

  3. My friend and I snowshoed at Eagle Point Golf course. We were just asked to stay off the tee boxes and the putting greens. There’s varying levels available. We had to "break" trail, no set trails.

    1. Ah! We never thought to do that before! Thanks for the info Judy!

  4. Good job. Its nice to have more sources to share our great outdoors opportunities. I will add some links to your site on my websites. Keep up the good work.
    Doug, from Kamloopstrails.net

    1. Thanks for your comment Doug! Your Kamloopstrails site has helped us tremendously and we can’t thank you enough for all the info you’ve gathered over the years!

  5. Nice, found you on instagram.. just got snowshoes for the kids last week – looking forward to getting out some.

    1. Awesome! So many great trails out there 🙂

  6. Apparently Harper mountain is offering snowshoeing…….. From the main lodge walk down hill to the chairlift, ride the chairlift to the top….walk back down to the lodge …perfect……. I think it’s $10.

    1. I included Harper Mountain on the list! I believe they told me 5$ though…

    1. Thanks!

  7. You can also park at Tobiano, go through the underpass where Rue Cheval Noir and Holloway Drive meet and wander until your heart is content. Just remember to close any gates that you open along the way.

  8. Is there a similar list for cross country skiing. I’m new to Kamloops and would enjoy some access to free trails.

  9. Do any of these trails ban dogs?

  10. What about any if the city parks for a quick snowshoe? Albert McGowan?

    1. Not sure about Albert McGowan, but Kenna Cartwright, Valleyview Nature Park, and the Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature parks are great local options!

  11. Any idea whether or not you can snowshoe into the Greenstone Mountain Lookout/Hut? Thinking about trying it out this weekend, have a 4WD truck, but not sure if they maintain the road in?

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