Battle Bluff

Trail Name: Battle Bluff
Distance: 4.8 km
Time: 1.5 hrs
Difficulty: Medium
Cell Service: Yes
Trail: Double track to begin then steep, rocky, single track the rest.
Highlight:Longer hike with amazing views to the top.

To get there:  Head out towards the Kamloops airport along Tranquille Rd. Continue past the airport and golf course. When the road forks, head right over the train tracks. Follow that road until you reach the hairpin turn. Instead of following the road, head over the outer side of the corner on your left. Follow this road until you see a parking area with the BC Parks sign and a cement barrier.  Get directions here.

Follow the trail forward into the trees. The trail is very well defined. When you emerge from the trees, you will be greeted with a view of Kamloops Lake and grasslands. The trail will fork just up ahead. You’ll want to take the right hand trail around the small hill. You’ll come to a second fork between which is an old rusted car. Here, you’ll want to take the left fork for the shorter, more direct route to the base of the bluff. Follow this trail down to the base of the bluff.

From here, follow the brown parks arrow to the right up the bluff. The trail gets significantly steeper here and the trail turns to single track, dirt and rocks. Follow the trail up the hill. Once you get to the rocks, you may find the trail a little harder to follow, but don’t worry as all trails lead to the top! Keep heading up and you’re almost there!

This trail is definitely doable by most! We made it to the top with a pair of 69 year olds and were joined by a family with a 5 year old! In the summer, be sure to being lots of water as there is very little shade. This trail is suitable for dogs as well, but make sure to keep an eye out for cactus and bring them some water. The trail is quite the climb, so don’t be afraid to take your time!

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  1. Hey would you say it would be better to watch the sunrise or sunset here? 🙂

    1. Hi Chelsea, I would definitely say sunset 🙂

    2. In 2005 Richard Reykdal and I placed a guestbook at the top of the trail. Today, we are pleased to say three books have been filled with comments! Such a great hike, headed there tomorrow,
      Peter Sulzle

  2. Is the time and distance one way or total round trip?

    1. Hi Candi, we ALWAYS list the entire length of the trail and the total time taken. We’ve been misled by this before, so we want to make sure you have the complete information always. Happy hiking!

  3. looks like a great hike.
    are there any trail maps of the kamloops and red lake areas that we could download..or trail app for android?

    1. Hi Fiona, it is a spectacular hike! Feel free to print off any of the hikes from this website and take them along on your hikes for directions. Alternatively, you can check out the AllTrails app, however not all the hikes on our blog can be found on there.

      Happy trails!

      1. thank you! the alltrails app is exactly what i was looking for. its a great adjunct to your super blog.

  4. Thank you for putting this all together, it makes hiking in our great city a breeze. My dog and I did this hike yesterday and with the clear skies and mild temps it was perfect. The memorial at the peak was very moving. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment! We’re glad you enjoyed the trail!

  5. To add to directions. Take Frederick Road, off Red Lake Road (at the hairpin). Travel .9km – this will take you to the first turnout located on the left.

  6. What is the elevation gain?

  7. I thought I went there from the Grassland on lac Dubois rd
    Are there 2 access?

  8. Is this a good hike for fur-babies?

    1. It sure is! There can be cactus in the areas off trail, so just keep that in mind and be prepared.

  9. I have photos of the day we built the cairn on top of the Bluff in honour of our dear friend Norm Wiwcharuk who died far too young. The large piece of wooden beam was an end cut from a bridge Norm built around the time he worked as an engineer for the township of Kamloops. We placed a plaque on the beam commemorating him, and his children Jeff, Sara and Jill added another for their mother Marilyn, a well known musician and teacher.

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