Peterson Creek Park


Peterson Creek Park is another great city park. It encompasses almost 100 hectares and offers about 10 kms of trails. These trails vary in difficulty and many offer spectacular city views! There is a picnic area at the downtown entrance to the park if families wish to take a break or have a nice lunch. These trails tend to be less used in the winter months as they can become very icy. This park is used by hikers, dog walkers, and mountain bikers. Most trails are either climbing up or down the ravine, so be sure any of your hiking buddies are up to the task. The park is off-leash dog friendly, just please remember to pick up after your dog.

Access Points

Downtown Entrance

From downtown, head south on fifth avenue.  Continue across Columbia street;  the courthouse will be on your right. Keep going straight through the parking lots until you reach a stop sign.  Keep to your left at the first and second stop signs and you’ll cross a small bridge.  This is Glenfair drive.  Turn right here, and continue straight to the parking area at the Park entrance. Glenfair drive also connects with Columbia Street.  This may be an easier access to the park, depending on where you’re coming from.

Summit Drive Entrance 

From downtown, take Columbia Street heading West.  A few hundred meters after the steep section separating downtown from lower Sahali, keep in the left lane and prepare to turn left onto Summit Dr.  If you’re taking the highway from downtown, take exit 370 to Summit Drive and then turn left onto Summit.  Continue up Summit Drive until turning left onto Whiteshield Crescent South. If you pass the Sahali Fellowship Church and Daycare, you’ve gone too far!  The parking area is immediately on your left when you turn onto Whiteshield.

Other Access Points

There are other access points to the park, but they do not offer parking. If you live in the area, then great! Otherwise maybe consider the two access points mentioned above.

Specific Trails

Grasslands Loop

A great all-access trail from the upper parking area that offers some beautiful views of the city.

Xget’tem Trail

The newest addition to the Peterson Creek Park, this new multi-use trail is being used by many.

Fallsview Loop

A more difficult hike that offers a spectacular view of Bridal Veil Falls.

Peterson Creek Trail Map

This is the official trail app for the City of Kamloops that highlights all the various trails within the park.

** Please note that the Upper Peterson Creek Falls are on Private Property and have been removed from the site as per the landowners request. Please respect their wishes and do not trespass!**

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  1. Please be aware that the UPPER PETERSON CREEK FALLS are on private property. There are numerous No Trespassing signs posted, not to mention fence lines that people cut, go under or over. Please respect this. You wouldn’t want people just coming into your back yard, pulling up a lawn chair or jumping in your pool!

  2. May have to point out “Summit Drive Entrance” to Peterson Creek, you’re referring to Whiteshield Cres South where the carpark area is (first is Whiteshield Cres culdesac entrance to Peterson) then there’s Whiteshield Cres North which is directly opposite. Yes three crescents it’s a pain, the road signs are poorly done and the number of people who come up the Whiteshield Cres culdesac looking for the hospice or carpark area are numerous. Thanks

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